The Willow Effect

The Willow Effect: Prologue is now on Steam Greenlight, I’d really appreciate your vote so we can get the game on Steam so more people can enjoy it. I plan to add steam achievements to the game when it gets on the platform, there will be no trading cards however as the game will remain free of charge.

*Ugh* dim lights are flickering behind my eyelids and my head is swimming, it all floods back *Gasp* My mouth feels like a desert and my body feels like I fell down several flights of stairs. I know when I open my eyes I’m not going to like what I see. I’ve been taken. I never thought this would happen, who does.

I don’t want to open my eyes, I’m terrified of what I won’t see. I won’t see home. I won’t see my bed. I won’t see… no, better not think of that *Gasp* This feels worse than any hangover I’ve ever had. They must have slipped me something *Oh god* I can’t stay here. I have to get up. I open my eyes and the flickering light gets brighter.

I undo the light straps holding me to the bunk *NO!* Zero gravity *I hate this* The room is tiny. I can almost reach across and touch both walls at the same time. But they’re not walls. They’re bulkheads. Where… where am I? *Deep breath* *Swallows* I can’t wait and see what happens. *Act*

What should I do?

Download The Willow Effect: Prologue

The Willow Effect: Prologue is a short interactive fiction in which you find yourself on a small, broken down ship lost in the vastness of space.

Downloads include:

  • The Willow Effect: Prologue game
  • TWE Manual
  • Developers Commentary Video
  • Post Development Review
  • Spoiler Free Walkthrough

>>Contains mild swearing<<