Station Architect

The Station Architect update will be coming to Station Generator on January 31st 2019, see the new trailer on my post about it!

Station Generator 1.0 is now available on Steam \:D/

Station Generator has launched to early access on and also on the Humble Store, with Beta 3 currently available which added the ability to save and load your own presets, a grid overlay and coordinates system with fog of war and line of sight options among other things.

Beta 1 (released 5th of January 2015) overhauled  the UI massively with a completely new interface design, rebuilt from the ground up, it also offered various rendering and saving optimizations as well as general stability improvements. It also added a much pretty star-field with some cheeky parallax movement. It also saw the beginning of the Steam Greenlight campaign.

Beta 2 (released 23rd of March 2017) introduced 2 new tile-sets and the ability to switch between tile-sets in real time. It also added dead end corridors, and the ability for landing pads to extend into the station more (while still being attached to the edge). Rendering and saving were completely overhauled and are now orders of magnitude more efficient than the previous model both being more flexible at the back end and faster at the front end. It also saw a ton of refinements to the underlying code with lots of bug fixes and general improvements.

Beta 3 (released  28th of April 2017) on and the Humble Store. Some of the new features included are grid overlays, the ability to save, load and delete your own presets, a coordinates system, a fog of war system with line of sight and an in app feedback feature along with a slew of engine refinements and optimisations.

Full verison (released 12th of September 2017) on, the Humble Store and for the first time, Steam! New features include 2 new tile sets, German localisation, the ability to group rooms by archetype, Steam Achievements, room labels overlays among the usual fixes and optimisations.

As previously mentioned Station Generator has been green lit and will be coming to Steam. Though a release date hasn’t been organized as yet. I need to set everything up first, but as soon as I have a launch date I’ll add it here (and shout about it on twitter of course).

Station Generator was originally a spin off from Quantum Wing (which has now been put on indefinite hiatus) but has now grown enough that it is it’s own project. While the major part of the code will still go back into Quantum Wing, it is being developed very much to be it’s own thing.


Station Generator is pretty much exactly what it says it is. It’s a tool for generating space stations on the fly. My idea for the tool is for space themed table top use. Instead of having to spend time creating a space station in advance of your next session, you can just click a button and generate a space station instantly.

Of course if just generating a random station isn’t enough for you, you can always delve into the numerous options to decide what type of station you’re going to generate, will it be a civilian station with lots of shops and living quarters, or a prison station full of brigs and barracks? You decide!

Or if you’d rather get into gaming without worrying about all the options you can generate stations using the included presets.

Space Station 1974416441 Small
A standard space station